Monday, May 16, 2016

Our Learning Commons Lounge

Although it's empty in this video, this space is used A LOT!!! Students not only eat here in the morning and at lunch, but classes use the space to support/enhance learning and for sharing!  We've hosted Poetry Slams, Pecha Kucha, Art Gallery Walks, community fundraising concerts, and various student presentations/celebrations of learning. Sometimes, it's just a chill place to read during class. Fine by us. ;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Starting Nov. 30th...
Get your BINGO on!

To promote literacy and some great books, CHHS will be offering a school wide Reading Bingo Challenge, featuring our 10 Top Hat Teen Reads!  

Grab a BINGO card from the library (or from participating ELA teachers)...AND GET READING!

The challenge is sweet on its own, but if you like a little incentive, there is a small prize for completing any four squares (four books), as well as a chance to have your name put into a draw for prizes if you read even more!

Also, find the 'Teachers' Picks' display in the library to see the amazing books some of your teachers are reccommending for you to read!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Download a free audio sample of 7 linked YA books, written by 7 amazing authors!

The new Orca series is called Secrets, a  collection that can be read in any order but are still linked to the idea of of deep dark secrets. 

Get more information on the audio samples and a sneek peek here...

Oh, and I might have just ordered the boxed set of books too...;)  
Stay tuned and look for a display when they are in and ready to be checked out!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Top Hat Teen Reads Titles!

Once again, we've chosen 10 great titles for teens to check out over the next year!  There's quite a variety of genres and this year we've got a bunch of Canadian titles!

Hopefully by the end of September, we'll have 3-5 copies of each book so that we can have many reading them at the same time.  Be watching for related contests and/or activities throughout the year...